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Local Fender Repairs and Services in Santa Rosa, CA

When you get in an accident, the fender and area around your wheel is especially vulnerable to damage. That’s why we provide certified fender repairs and services for your vehicle at Hansel Collision Center, where we can provide you with the best fender repairs you’ll ever get. Our experts know fenders and wheels so well that they’ll make it look like you never had any damage there at all, and you’ll drive away knowing that your car is looking and working at its best.

Fender Repairs for Your Vehicle Near Santa Rosa, CA

We provide fender repair for any type of vehicle there is, so you can bring in your car and get it taken care of in no time. Our expert technicians are factory-trained, so they know your car from top to bottom, and will take care of your fender problems like nobody else. Their unique training gives them the ability to restore your car to an excellent condition, making it seem like your fenders were never damaged at all, so you can rest easy bringing your car to us.

Wheel Alignment Services for Your Vehicle

With fender damage can come alignment problems, so we also provide alignment services for your vehicle. Alignment refers to the three unique angles at which your wheels are situated, and those can be naturally or physically pushed out of place. In the case of a collision, you want to make sure that the crash hasn’t moved where your wheels are pointing so that you can maintain good control over your car and protect your tires from unnecessary wear.

We Have OEM Parts for Your Car

Our service center is proud to use OEM parts for your vehicle, which are the parts made for your vehicle by the manufacturer. OEM parts are tested with your specific car to make sure that they’ll provide the power, performance, and quality that you need, and are made of the highest-quality materials. You never need to worry about incompatibility or part failure when it comes to OEM parts, and that’s why we provide them to you; we want you to have the best.

Come on Down to Hansel Collision Center for Your Fender Repairs and Services

We’re the go-to spot for fender repairs and services for Santa Rosa, Larkfield-Wikiup, Roseland, Sebastopol, Cotati, Rohnert Park, and the surrounding areas. We work with most major and local insurance companies to make sure that your car’s repairs are claimed and covered before we work on them, saving you the headache of dealing with the insurance company yourself. Our collision center is the best place you can go to take care of your car post-collision, so set up your free estimate online today!

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