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Fender Repair Near Rohnert Park, CA

Fender Repair and Services Near Rohnert Park, CA

Does your vehicle near Rohnert Park, CA, have fender damage needing repairs? We provide fender repair and replacement services in Santa Rosa, CA, only 10 to 15 minutes from Rohnert Park, CA. The short drive from Rohnert Park, CA, ensures your vehicle receives top-quality fender repair or replacement services. Our certified autobody technicians are fender repair and replacement experts with extensive experience providing service for all makes and models. Our fender repair service objective is to restore the original fender contour, appearance, and structural integrity. We achieve our objective by providing service in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest auto body/collision repair equipment and tools. Continue reading about fender repair and replacement services. Contact us for a free fender repair estimate and schedule service at Hansel Collision Center in Santa Rosa, CA.

Fender Damage is Common

Fenders surround the wheel assemblies and are commonly called wheel wells. Most drivers have heard or used the catchphrase referring to a minor collision – fender bender! The fenders’ position explains why they are susceptible to damage when vehicles impact each other. Damaged fenders range in severity from minor dents requiring repairs to extensive damage requiring replacement service.

Why Repair Damaged Fenders?

Fenders’ primary responsibility is to surround the wheel assemblies and prevent rocks, mud, sand, ice, and other road debris from striking your auto body and other vehicles. Damaged fenders cannot perform properly and put your vehicle’s auto body at risk of damage, additional auto body repairs, and reduced resale value. Prompt fender repair service restores fender integrity and performance blocking road debris from causing damage. Damaged fenders reduce your vehicle’s resale and trade-in value, making fender repairs a profitable investment that also restores your vehicle’s best appearance.

Fender Dent Repair & Replacement

Fender damage might be minor with smaller dents with intact paint. We apply the innovative paintless dent repair technique to restore the original appearance if the paint remains intact. Service involves a certified technician assessing the damage severity and formulating the ideal repair strategy that involves restoring the original contour by pulling the dent from the inside using specialized tools. Fenders with more severe dents with damaged paint might require traditional dent removal with painting. Extensively damaged fenders need replacement service. We use genuine OEM aluminum matching the original’s specifications, appearance, and contour. Since fender benders can also wreak havoc on wheel alignment, many customers require a wheel alignment service alongside their fender repair to restore wheel angles to factory specifications.

Get a Free Repair Estimate at Hansel Collision Center in Santa Rosa, CA

We provide fender repair services for all makes and models according to top-quality standards. Drivers near Rohnert Park, CA, begin the fender repair process by getting a free estimate. We offer free virtual estimates with customers submitting the online form alongside photos of the damage. Once submitted, a certified technician completes a written repair estimate, including a damage summary, recommended repair, and total cost.

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