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Have You Been in an Accident in Santa Rosa, CA?

Accidents are an unfortunate part of being a car owner, as much as we try to avoid them. Every driver has either been in or witnessed an accident, and the fallout can be complicated, stressful, and difficult for those involved. That’s why we make the process as easy as possible at Hansel Collision Center, and we provide you with the easiest way to repair your car and get it back to its full potential. Our collision repairs are done with the expert touch.

We Help You Deal With Insurance

One of the main issues with any collision is dealing with insurance to make sure your repairs are covered. Our collision center helps with that to make sure that your claims are processed and approved so that you can get your car taken care of in no time. We also work with you to make sure your budget can handle any costs you have to bear for the collision repair, so you never have to worry about unexpected costs to you due to your collision.

Our Expert Technicians Can Help

Once your insurance claims have been processed and fully taken care of, our expert technicians can work on your car. They’re certified in car repair and service, which means they know your car inside and out, and they’ll do everything they can to give you the best collision repair possible. Our technicians can restore your car to how it was before the accident, making it look and feel just like it was so that you don’t have to be reminded of the accident every time you drive.

We Have OEM Parts for Your Replacements

Whenever there’s a part that needs to be replaced in your car, we’ve got you covered with our OEM parts. OEM parts are the genuine parts that were designed for your vehicle by the manufacturer, and are the same as the parts that went into your car during assembly in the factory. We provide OEM parts because we want you to have the very best, and OEM parts are the best parts you can use for your replacements.

Come and Visit Hansel Collision Center for Your Collision Repairs

Accidents happen, and when they do, we’re here for you. Our experts will make your collision repair simple and easy, letting you relax while the professionals do their job. We even have rental car services available if you need to be on the road while your car is fixed, so you’ll never be without transportation while your collision repairs are taken care of. You can set up an estimate or use our online estimate system to get your free estimate today!

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