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Weather Damage Repair

Weather Damage Repairs at Hansel Collision Center in Santa Rosa, CA

The weather here in Santa Rosa, California, may not be as wild and unpredictable as some other places in the country, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get any at all! Whether you’re dealing with hail in Petaluma, California, or strong winds in Rohnert Park, California, there are certainly ways that your vehicle can suffer weather-related damage here. If the weather has damaged your vehicle, you can come to Hansel Collision Center! Find out more about our weather damage repair services here.

Weather Damage Repairs at Hansel Collision Center

There are many ways that weather can damage your vehicle. A hailstorm may leave dents in your vehicle’s roof or hood, or it can even crack or chip your windshield. The same thing can happen with debris from strong winds; we’ve seen everything from small rock damage to massive dents and broken windshields from fallen tree limbs. If your vehicle has suffered from this kind of damage, we can help with services like:

Paintless Dent Repair: The quicker and easier type of dent repair, this is a perfect match for small dents caused by hail or little rocks. As long as no paint has been lost, we can massage the metal back into shape in no time!

Traditional Dent Repair: Bigger dents or dents with chipped or cracked paint will require this more in-depth dent repair service.

Windshield Repair or Replacement: If your windshield has suffered a minor chip or crack that is not located right in your line of sight, chances are good that we can simply repair it. However, larger cracks or those that block your vision mean that you’ll probably need a new windshield. We can replace your windshield and recalibrate your ADAS.

Choose Hansel Collision Center for Weather Damage Repair Near Windsor, CA

At Hansel Collision Center, we strive to ensure your vehicle leaves our service center in top condition. Our technicians are true experts who have trained and studied in all kinds of automotive repairs, including repairing damages done by severe weather. For minor repairs, you can enjoy our comfortable waiting area!

Schedule Weather Damage Repairs at Hansel Collision Center Near Cotati, CA

If your vehicle has been damaged by weather, we encourage you to schedule a free estimate with us at Hansel Collision Center. We work with most insurance companies, and our online estimate scheduling tool is intuitive and quick! We look forward to helping you at Hansel Collision Center.

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