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Frame Straightening

Frame Straightening Service in Santa Rosa, CA at ​​Hansel Collision Center

Your vehicle’s frame is critical, whether you have a body-on-frame vehicle or a unibody vehicle. You can think of a vehicle’s frame as being kind of like a skeleton: everything else on your vehicle relies on it for support, and it keeps everything in place. If the frame in your vehicle has been bent, it is of the utmost importance that you have it straightened as soon as possible. Hansel Collision Center is proud to be your local auto body shop serving Rohnert Park, California, and we can handle frame straightening right here!

Frame Straightening Service Near Petaluma, CA

When you’re looking for a place to have your vehicle’s frame straightened, come to Hansel Collision Center. We have the specialized machines necessary to straighten automotive frames, and our technicians are both skilled and trained in using these machines. The technicians at Hansel Collision Center will assess the damage to the frame, give you a recommendation as to how to proceed, and then use these machines to bend the frame back into place.

Why Your Frame Needs To Be Straightened

If your vehicle’s frame is bent, it can negatively affect all other aspects of your driving experience. Your tires may wear down prematurely, you may find it harder to steer, and your gas mileage may suffer — and these are just a few of the potential problems! Perhaps most critically of all, a bent frame can compromise your safety. If you are in a collision, many of the safety features and designs that are built onto the frame may not work the way that they are meant to.

Schedule Frame Straightening at Hansel Collision Center Near Cotati, CA

If you’re ready to have your vehicle’s frame straightened, you can schedule a free estimate at Hansel Collision Center near Windsor, California. While we do offer virtual estimates, an in-person estimate is usually a better option for frame issues. We welcome all insurance companies and have lots of experience processing claims for all the big insurance providers. Request your free estimate today; then, head to Hansel Collision Center. We look forward to helping you!

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