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Four-Wheel Alignment

Four-Wheel Alignment Service at Hansel Collision Center in Santa Rosa, CA

We operate a collision center that provides four-wheel alignment services according to certified quality for all makes and models. We ensure customers receive the best driving experience with four-wheel alignment services. Our certified technicians become four-wheel alignment experts through extensive experience providing alignments daily that enhance skills development and expertise. We furnish our state-of-the-art collision center with computerized wheel alignment equipment to precisely measure and restore wheel angles to factory specifications. Continue reading about four-wheel alignment and the importance of routine alignment maintenance when recommended in the owner’s manual, or sooner if faulty wheel angles emerge due to driving incidents like hitting large potholes, curbs when parking, or being involved in a fender bender/collision. Schedule a four-wheel alignment service today at Hansel Collision Center in Santa Rosa, serving Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Windsor, and Cotati, CA.

Four-Wheel Alignment & Maintenance

Leading automakers manufacture vehicles with a comfortable driving experience. The most popular OEM tire brands manufacture long-lasting tires that support your vehicle’s driving comfort, steering responsiveness, and smooth handling. Wheel alignment is crucial maintenance for all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles because it ensures wheel angles remain at factory specifications while preventing tire- and driving-related consequences of faulty alignment. Aligned wheels point straight with opposites parallel and ensure tires grip the road with optimal traction for even tread wear, smooth driving comfort, safety, and extended life. Four-wheel alignment service involves a certified technician mounting computerized equipment to each tire to measure the camber, caster, and toe-in angles. The expert technician compares the wheel angle measurements to specifications and adjusts the front and rear suspension/steering components to restore factory specifications. Wheel alignment service includes the certified technician inspecting the tires, exposed braking, steering, and suspension components.

Faulty Wheel Alignment Symptoms

Leading automakers recommend wheel alignment services at a 12-month interval to promote the best results opposing the faulty wheel alignment symptoms. Review the faulty wheel alignment symptoms and schedule service if you notice them: 

  • Vehicle drifts, veers, or pulls to the side of a flat, straight road
  • Driving straight down the road with an askew steering wheel 
  • Rapid & Irregular tread wear patterns
  • Slightly turning, adjusting, or fighting the steering wheel to drive straight 
  • Tires squealing, especially when turning on well-paved parking lots 
  • Loose steering/poor steering responsiveness 
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel/cabin

Schedule Four-Wheel Alignment Service at Hansel Collision Center

Customers can schedule service using their preferred method, online or by phone. Scheduling service online is quick and convenient by submitting the appointment request form that only requires basic details, including the appointment purpose, preferred appointment day/time, vehicle & contact details, and preferred confirmation method. Check the maintenance offers page to see if we have a four-wheel alignment special to mitigate service costs while promoting enhanced customer value and satisfaction.

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