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Dent Repair Services at Hansel Collision Center in Santa Rosa, CA

Whether it’s a minor ding from a stray shopping cart or a series of large dents from a hailstorm, dents in your vehicle can spoil its good looks and put the bodywork at risk for further damage. Here at Hansel Collision Center near Petaluma, California, we can help you remove the dents in your vehicle with our dent removal services! Find out more here; then, come to Hansel Collision Center near Rohnert Park, California.

Types of Dent Repair at Hansel Collision Center Near Windsor, CA

Traditional Dent Repair: If your vehicle has a deep dent with an associated loss of paint, or if the dent is located right at the edge of a door or body panel, the chances are that it will need traditional dent repair. For this type of dent repair, our technicians will sand and clean the area, add automotive filler, and paint it to make it look like the surrounding spots. This is the more in-depth of the two types of dent repair.

Paintless Dent Repair: If the dent isn’t too deep and the paint hasn’t been scratched or chipped, paintless dent repair will probably be all that your vehicle needs! Our technicians will remove the panel or door with the dent for this service. They will access the panel from the back and use special tools to massage the metal back into place. Once the metal is back to its former glory, we will replace the panel, and your vehicle will be as good as new!

Choose Hansel Collision Center for Dent Repair Near Cotati, CA

Whichever kind of dent repair your vehicle needs, the expert technicians at Hansel Collision Center will be happy to handle it. They have impressive skills in repairing all kinds of vehicles –– not to mention access to the latest and best tools. They will get your vehicle looking good as new once more. You will be pleased with the amazing level of service quality you’ll get at Hansel Collision Center.

Schedule a Dent Repair Estimate at Hansel Collision Center in Santa Rosa, CA

Ready for dent repair service? Make your appointment at Hansel Collision Center today! You can schedule a free estimate online or by giving us a call. Then, head to Hansel Collision Center to see why drivers from all around the area choose us for their repair services.

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